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Howell  Mars   DIN 4-13

Howell Mars DIN 4-13


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4-13 DIN     $800


Pre-order deposit:   $80 

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     You want powerful edge-control to carve.  

     Howell Mars bindings uniquely provide a shortened lever-arm between the forward-release pivot (the leading edge of the anti-friction-pad — AFD) and the heel.  A shortened lever-arm requires a higher hold-down force at the heel to maintain the DIN-standardized forward-release moment.  Higher hold-down force at the heel provides greater edge control compared with all other bindings, all of which other bindings have longer lever arms because the leading edge of their AFD’s are positioned at or near the tip of the ski boot (apparently to save money on their material cost).  High hold-down force — together with super-wide cantilevered heel-pads, AFD’s, toe cups and heel cups — cause Howell SkiBindings to provide 17% more edge control than any other binding, setting-for setting.  The absence of chatter provided by the high-edge-control of Howell SkiBindings can actually be felt when carving on ‘firm snow’ — especially when carving on blue-ice.  

     The shortened forward lever-arm that’s totally unique to Howell SkiBibdings also provides tibia-plateau-friendly skiing during necessary ‘near-point’ forward-release events.  

     All Howell SkiBindings uniquely come with non-pre-releasing, additional, lateral-heel-release and biomechanically-based lateral-heel release-settings for ACL-friendly skiing.


Details:  Housings are made of super-tough engineering-grade-resins (non-hydroscopic Nylon-12 with 50% long glass fibers) as well as with proprietary aluminum-composite parts.  

The toe and heel AFD’s are made of pure, thick, DuPont Teflon.  

Pincer-toes provide solid lateral-control (that’s different from edge-control) during minor technique-mistakes on choppy, rutted conditions and heavy, wet, mashed-potato conditions.  

Non-corroding, 303 stainless steel inner workings provide super durable, reliable, long-term function. 

Unique, Functional Decoupling (sm) blocks pre-release in each mode of release, even at chart settings. 

Utility-patented, low 17mm stand-height reduces cumulative stress on the MCL, ACL and especially on the meniscus.  Low standheight also allows the use of an added AT-frame.  Still further, low standheight allows the use of just about any race plate while being FIS standheight-legal.  

0°-ramp angle provides natural athletic stance with all boot sole lengths.  

Adjustable toe height with integral covering cap for boot-sole canting.

Floating Mounting System minimizes mounting-screw pull-outs.


     For more info on the advanced biomechanics of Howell SkiBindings, see:  Menu —> Tech Info —> ‘Release’, ‘Retention’, or ‘Edge Control’).


Also included:

     GripWalk, OR  ‘standard alpine sole’ compatible (both options included);

     Extra-pair of insert-molded pure, thick, Teflon AFD’s and heel-pads — attachable with simple re-mounting of toe or heel — to replace worn Teflon;

     Maximum tipping angle is provided through extreme brake-retraction to avert boot-outs;

     Anticipated Independent compliance with all DIN/ISO safety standards (specifically, DIN/ISO 9462, 9465 and 11087);

     Individually tested and calibrated;

     Lifetime Limited Durability Warranty;

     brake retainers for edge/base-prep;

     2 sets of ski-brake widths:  70-80mm;  80-90mm**;

     Precision metal mounting jig;  4.1mm-Ø DIN-standard drill-bit;  4.0mm-Ø DIN-standard tap;

     Cant Kit (0°, 1°, 2°) including longer mounting screws;

      Detailed instructions and 24/7 on-line AI service.



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* US$20 is automatically charged for international orders.

** Howell SkiBindings is against (a) ski waist widths greater than 90mm AND against (b) all 'pin-bindings' (except Trab TR2;  and Shift, though do not fall with Shift bindings while in the touring-mode, and Shift bindings are not ACL friendly) — due to their association with severe, high-energy, tibia-plateau fractures.  This type of skiing injury matches the growth of fat-skis and pin-bindings.  The high-energy nature of this type of fracture involves multiple-fragments, difficult surgical reconstruction, and 10 to 15-months of aggressive rehabilitation.  Fat skis and/or pin-bindings on firm snow are a serious problem for the sustainability of our beautiful sport.  ‘And ‘pin-bindings’ are hardly “tech”.

References:  (1) Dominik Heim, MD;  SITEMSH-Japan, 2016.  (2) Zorko; Nemec; Matjacic; Olensek;  Alpine Skiing Simulations Prove Ski Waist-Width Influences Knee Joint Kinematics;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.   (3) Stenroos; Pakarinen; Jalkanen; Mälkiä; Handolin;  Tibial Fractures in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding in Finland: A Retrospective Study on Fracture Types and Injury Mechanisms in 363 patients;  Scand J Surg Off Organ Finn Surg Soc Scand Surg Soc., Sept 2015,  doi:10.1177/1457496915607410.  (4) Improved Short Term Outcomes in Tibial Plateau Fractures of Snow Sports Injuries Treated with Immediate Open Reduction Internal Fixation;  Janes, MD; Leonard, MSPH; Phillips, PA-C; Salottolo, MPH; Abbott, MD, Bar-Or, MD;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.



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