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    Good News for Alpine Skiers  —  Based on 4 decades of ski-binding industry experience, Rick Howell of Stowe, Vermont introduces new Howell SkiBindings.  They uniquely mitigate pre-release. ‘Are ACL-friendly. ‘And available directly from Howell SkiBindings — including precision metal mounting jig and on-line mounting-certification.  Click individual binding-models, in the photos above, for details.

    Rick Howell is the developer behind 5 worldwide #1-selling high-end sports products including the 1st hands-off clipless bicycle pedals (CycleBinding), leading high-tech snowshoes (Tubbs) and leading alpine ski-bindings for other major European binding companies. See 'About Us'.  Now — Howell SkiBindings.

    Unlike all others, only new Howell SkiBindings provide the unique, patented, combination of — Anti-pre-release.  ACL-friendliness.  Low stand-height.  Powerful edge-control.  They're lite.  Durable.  Easy to step into.  Grip-Sole compatible (optional but included).  For details see Menu (above) —> Tech Info —> Retention ( or —> Release ).

    Anticipated DIN-Certification in Germany — ready for shipment October, 2022Reservation-deposit, $80 pre-orders — placed now — receive 30% off and Free Shipping** in October, 2022.  Orders placed now at full-price receive personalized mounting, testing by Rick Howell.  All deposits and pre-orders are fully-refundable at any time. 

Howell 2.5-9  Anti-ACL-Rupture ski-bindings — Extra female friendly, extra ACL-friendly.   DIN 2.5—9

Howell 5-15  Anti-ACL-Rupture ski-bindings — Decisive command of ACL-friendliness, anti-pre-release and powerful edge-control.   DIN 5—15

Howell 8-20  Anti-ACL-Rupture ski-bindings — Titanium housings.  CAUTION:  EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY.   DIN 8—20  



            Anti-pre-release. ACL-friendly.

                    Howell SkiBindings

                       It was inevitable.



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* 'ACL-Friendly', ‘ACL-friendliness’,  'Anti-Pre-Release', 'It was inevitable', 'Howell SkiBindings', 'Howell 888 Max', 'Howell 880 Pro', and 'Howell 800 Venus' are (sm) Service Marks of Howell SkiBindings, Inc.

** $20 is automatically added to all orders that are to be shipped outside of USA.