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       $80 deposits placed now receive 30% off full-retail when the remaining balance ($480 for Mars & Venus models) is payable + FREE shipping + FREE mounting-template, October, 2023.  For details, click a model-photo, above.

       Big News.  A major European binding company validated Howell SkiBindings — “lateral-heel release might reduce ACL injury”.  They will have lateral-heel-release in their future bindings, too.

       Thank you.  This validates what we have claimed for years.

       Howell SkiBindings have ACL-friendly lateral-heel release.

       ACL-friendly lateral-heel-release bindings are now a category of alpine ski-bindings.  This is not rotational release — it’s lateral-heel release.

       But only Howell SkiBindings have lateral-heel-release that actively blocks pre-release. 

       How?  A special knuckle-joint in Howell SkiBindings actively re-centers the heel, laterally, during aggressive but innocuous skiing.  No other binding with lateral-heel release actively blocks pre-release.

       Everyone wants ACL-friendly skiing.  

       No one wants pre-release. 

       Only Howell SkiBindings provide powerful edge-control, too.  

       How?  Super-wide contact points plus a shortened forward-fulcrum.  ‘Massive edge-control without effecting necessary-release or anti-pre-release.

       Powerful edge-control.

       Powerful anti-pre-release.  


       Unlike all other bindings.

       How can Howell SkiBindings do this?  

       Howell SkiBindings, Inc. is operated by Rick Howell — developer of 5 worldwide #1-selling sports products, including #1-selling ski-bindings for a major French ski-binding company — and being a product manager of a #1-rated German ski-binding company for 8-years.  During the last 20 years, Rick Howell has conducted extraordinary scientific biomechanical research (see footnote 1) to prove and refine the ACL-friendly revolution provided in soon forthcoming Howell SkiBindings.

       It is also biomechanically-plausible that non-pre-releasing, ACL-friendly, lateral-heel release in Howell SkiBindings can also provide friendly skiing for MCL, meniscus and tibial-plateau integrity, too.   

       GOOD NEWS.  

       To pre-order — click a model photo (above), then click the pre-order sequence.  Use the drag-down to reveal the special $80 (eighty) deposit price. 

        $80 deposits placed now receive 30% off full-retail when the remaining balance ($480 for Mars & Venus models) is payable + FREE shipping + FREE mounting-template, October, 2023.

        Full-price pre-orders placed now receive FREE mounting, FREE testing, and FREE shipping of skis, boots & bindings—both-ways—October, 2023. 

       Either way — $80 deposit plus net-balance upon shipment ($480 Mars & Venus models) or full-price pre-order — Howell SkiBindings are uniquely inexpensive compared with ACL-injury.

        $80 pre-order deposits placed now greatly help our manufacturing start-up.  In return, we plan to provide you with 30%-off full-price + free shipping + free mounting jig + ACL-friendly skiing — October, 2023.

        All pre-orders are fully-refundable at any time. 

Howell SkiBindings models:

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5–8   Extra ACL, MCL, meniscus, and tibia-plateau friendly for lite and average-weight women. Added valgus-canting. Lite. Stainless-steel internal release mechanisms prevent corrosion.  Patented.

Howell Mars   DIN 4–13  Decisive balance of ACL friendly-function and anti-pre-release function.  Unique decoupling technology provides powerful anti-pre-release at normal release settings.  Cantilevered, super-wide boot contact provides powerful edge-control at normal release settings. Stainless-steel internal release mechanisms prevent corrosion. Patented.

Howell Planet-B   DIN 8–22   Super durable ti6Al4v titanium housings.  World’s most expensive binding.  Super high strength, compact, F1 valve-springs.  Stainless-steel internal release mechanisms prevent corrosion.  Cantilevered, super-wide boot-contact provides max edge-control.  CAUTION: FOR EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY.  Limited, bespoke production.  Patented. 



(1)  Proven, biomechanically—not epidemiologically—through scientific peer-reviewed and approved research conducted and presented by Rick Howell at:

   IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury in Sport, Monaco, 2017 and 2021;

   ICSS (International Conference on Science in Skiing) Voukatti, Finland, 2019;  

   SITEMSH (International Society for Snowsports Medicine) Flachu, Austria, 2015;  Barcelona, Spain, 2016;  Inawashiro, Japan, 2017;  Serre-Chevalier, France, 2022;

   ESSKA (European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy) Barcelona, Spain, 2016;  and Virtual-Madrid, Spain, 2021.

   ISSS (International Society for Skiing Safety) Pontresina, Switzerland, 2003 (research promulgated by Rick Howell; performed and presented by University of Montréal researchers, Nancy St-Onge, PhD and Jacques DeGuise, PhD).  

   ISSS — research conducted and presented by Rick Howell at — Niigata, Japan, 2005;  Aviemore, Scotland, 2007;  Bariloche, Argentina,  2013;  Cortina, Italy, 2015;  Innsbruck, Austria 2017;  Squaw Valley, California, USA, 2019;  Serre-Chevalier, France, 2022.

   For details about the extraordinary biomechanics behind Howell SkiBindings, browse the menu sub-links under Tech Info.  For details about Howell SkiBindings principal, Rick Howell, see About Us.  To pre-order Howell SkiBindings — go to Menu, then Catalog.

It was inevitable.


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