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Revolution.  Evolution.


      The revolution in Howell SkiBindings is ACL-friendly skiing.

      Revolution.  Proven, biomechanically, through peer-reviewed and approved scientific research presented by Rick Howell at high-level orthopedic, skiing-performance, and skiing-safety conferences — around the world during the past 19 years (1, 3).


How do Howell SkiBindings provide revolutionary ACL-friendly skiing?

      By Evolution.
  Howell SkiBindings feature a collection of proven technologies and leading know-how — uniquely bundled — to provide ACL-friendly skiing.  Additional, non-pre-releasing, lateral-heel release.  Special biomechanically-based settings for lateral-heel release.  Part-minimization.  Proven materials.  Patented, low-standheight.  Super-wide boot-contact surfaces to maximize edge-control.  ‘An evolutionary approach — to deliver revolutionary ACL-friendly skiing. Proven. Durable. Lite. Reliable. The evolutionary approach behind Howell SkiBindings delivers revolutionary ACL-friendly skiing.

Anti-pre-release.  Durability.  Reliability.  Proven through testing.

      Howell SkiBindings arise from 5 decades of insider ski-binding industry experience by Rick Howell — co-developing worldwide #1-selling alpine ski-bindings for a major French company while in high school;  high-level ski-racing;  engineering thesis on ski-bindings at MIT (2);  co-authoring the DIN-System;  working 8-years as product manager at a major German ski-binding company;  developing 5 worldwide #1 sports products;  and conducting and presenting advanced biomechanical research on ACL-friendly skiing without pre-release (3).  All of this know-how is parlayed into ACL-friendly Howell SkiBindings.


Howell SkiBindings provide a premium skiing experience.

       Staying in the game is part of the deal.  ACL-friendly Howell SkiBindings provide high-performance edge-control, maximum anti-pre-release, and ACL-friendly skiing to deliver the joy of alpine skiing, year after year.  


      Howell SkiBindings are planned to ship October, 2023.  Pre-order deposits ($80) placed now fuel key start-up manufacturing.  The best compliment you can provide is a pre-order.  In return for a deposit placed now, Howell SkiBindings offers 30%-off full-price when the net balance (net-balance = $480, Mars & Venus models) is payable upon shipment, October, 2023.  Deposits placed now gain excellent pricing.

       ACL-friendly Howell SkiBindings uniquely include a precision metal mounting jig (a $200 value), DIN drill-bit, DIN tap, on-line mounting certification, 2-widths of ski-brakes, 2-sets of replacement Teflon AFD’s and heel pads, FREE shipping — and the joy of healthy, happy ACL-friendly skiing.


      Ordinary binding companies will soon imitate.  Only Howell SkiBindings are based on 5 decades of know-how — including 20-years of testing ACL-friendly skiing without pre-release.

      Pre-order now by clicking a model-image, above, or by clicking a model-link, below.

      All deposits are fully-refundable at any time. 


ACL-friendly Howell SkiBindings:

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5–8   Extra ACL, MCL, meniscus, and tibia-plateau friendly for light and average-weight women. Light. Easy step-in. Low standheight to scale for smaller women: utility-patented.

Howell Mars   DIN 4–13  Decisively ACL friendly with maximum anti-pre-release. Cantilevered, super-wide toe-cup, heel-cup, toe-AFD & heel-pad — provide powerful edge-control.  Low standheight to minimize cumulative stress on meniscus: utility-patented.

Howell Planet-B   DIN 8–22   Super durable ti6Al4v titanium housings.  Super high strength, compact, F1 valve-springs.  Cantilevered, super-wide toe-cup, heel-cup, toe-AFD & heel-pad provide powerful edge-control.  Solid stainless-steel inner-workings provide maximum durability during race conditions.  Low standheight allows nearly any race-plate while still complying with FIS standheight regulations: utility-patented.  Limited production.  PLANET-B MODEL:  CAUTION: FOR EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY.


       Howell SkiBindings feature a lifetime limited warranty.




      Proven, biomechanically, through scientific peer-reviewed and approved research conducted and presented by Rick Howell at:

   IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury in Sport, Monaco, 2017 and 2021;

   ICSS (International Conference on Science in Skiing) Voukatti, Finland, 2019;  

   SITEMSH (International Society for Snowsports Medicine) Flachu, Austria, 2015;  Barcelona, Spain, 2016;  Inawashiro, Japan, 2017;  Serre-Chevalier, France, 2022;

   ESSKA (European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy) Barcelona, Spain, 2016;  and Virtual-Madrid, Spain, 2021.

   ISSS (International Society for Skiing Safety) Pontresina, Switzerland, 2003 (research promulgated by Rick Howell; performed and presented by University of Montréal researchers, Nancy St-Onge, PhD and Jacques DeGuise, PhD).  

   ISSS — research conducted and presented by Rick Howell at — Niigata, Japan, 2005;  Aviemore, Scotland, 2007;  Bariloche, Argentina,  2013;  Cortina, Italy, 2015;  Innsbruck, Austria 2017;  Squaw Valley, California, USA, 2019;  Serre-Chevalier, France, 2022.



Biomechanical Proof.

        The biomechanics behind ACL-Friendly Howell SkiBindings and Howell-specified lateral-heel settings is actually quite simple.

        During ‘Slip-Catch’ or ‘Phantom Foot’ events with shaped-skis, large abduction-moments are generated when the center of the forces that act between the snow and the ski, enter the ski, laterally, close-behind the projected-axis of the tibia.  

      Shaped-skis do not typically slip at one end — thus, rotation of the ski about the tibia-axis is minimal while lateral-loading is maximal.  During this lateral action, the center of the abduction-forces that enters a shaped-ski is not sensed by ordinary 2-mode alpine ski bindings because the center-of-effort is located near the center of an ordinary binding’s axis of rotation:  there is no effective lever-arm within an ordinary 2-mode binding to produce ordinary 2-mode lateral toe release.  With ordinary 2-mode alpine ski-bindings, there’s no possibility of release before ACL-rupture when abduction-loads enter a ski near the tibia-axis, irrespectively of an ordinary 2-mode binding’s settings:  a child’s setting could still block necessary release before ACL-rupture during these special Slip-Catch and Phantom-Foot loading conditions.  


      This phenomena occurs because the same centrally-located abduction-force that enters the ski at the ski/snow interface, acts over the length of the lower-leg (the ‘abduction-lever-arm’) to produce a large ‘abduction-moment’ across the ACL …

        ... unless a special 3-mode binding with an additional lateral-heel release mechanism — also with special release-settings for the lateral-heel release mechanism — is placed directly on the kinematic path between a shaped ski’s center of applied-abduction-force at the ski-snow surface and the ACL.  A special 3-mode binding with an additional lateral-heel release-mechanism together with special lateral-heel release settings can read and react to abduction-loads generated by shaped-skis during Slip-Catch or Phantom-Foot events.  

That special 3-mode binding with special lateral-heel settings is, uniquely, ACL-Friendly Howell SkiBindings.


The thin black line represents the unique ‘release envelope’ of ACL-friendly Howell SkiBindings.  It operates in the white-space between the integrity-thresholds of both the tibia and ACL — and the pre-release lower-limit.



(a) —   Special bindings with additional lateral-heel release MUST NOT pre-release.  Pre-release can be worse than non-release (‘and settings are only a small part of how a good binding addresses anti-pre-release).  >  Only Howell SkiBindings uniquely provide key know-how and advanced technology to block dangerous pre-release without high settings in all 3-modes of release.  

       Anti-pre-release is provided by ‘decoupling’ each of the 3-modes of release from each other — AND by decoupling each mode of release from innocuous skiing-control actions, such as edging.

       Each mode in Howell SkiBindings is a separate system.  3 separate springs.  3 separate cams.  3 separate release mechanisms.  Each mode has independently adjustable settings.  Each mode operates without influencing the other modes.  ‘And all 3 modes deploy off-center-pivots that filter-out compressive forces caused by ski-flex — which filtering critically blocks pre-release.  

       Howell SkiBindings block pre-release without high-settings.

       Other bindings do not provide all of these combined features, benefits and advantages because Howell know-how has refined them during 50 evolutionary years of testing, including 20-years of focus purely on testing ACL-friendly skiing.  No other binding provides you with this level of evolutionary revolution.

       The secret sauce is that Howell SkiBindings accomplish these functions, simply.  Simple equals durable and reliable.


(b) —   No ski-binding, including Howell SkiBindings, can ‘prevent’ all skiing injuries.  Injury can occur by simply falling down or by impact with an object.  However, Howell SkiBindings aim to mitigate injury to the tibia, ACL, MCL, tibial plateau and meniscus by mitigating episodic non-release — and by mitigating large cumulative loads that may be associated with chronic injury to those same musculoskeletal elements — and Howell SkiBindings perform these special functions while mitigating pre-release.

Howell SkiBindings provide a major biomechanical breakthrough plus important anti-pre-release — for happy, healthy alpine skiing.


Footnote  (2):

       Rick Howell was never a student at MIT.  However, Rick was invited to perform his “dream research” at MIT at the bequest of and sponsorship by MIT Professor Lawrence R. Young, Sc.D., who at the time was the Chairman of the interdisciplinary Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Department involving human-system / machine interaction.  The research performed at MIT was:  ‘How ski-bindings affect ski performance’.  Rick is a graduate of New England College with a double undergraduate major in business and civil engineering.  


Footnote  (3):

Br J Sports Med 2017;51:283-412.




Br J Sports Med 2021;55(Suppl 1):A1-A188

10.1136/bjsports-2021-IOC.367 [402]

Publisher’s 2nd correction:  Br J Sports Med 2022;0:1. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2021-IOC.367corr2




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It was inevitable.


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